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  1. Zafu Silklook
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Zafus hand stitched in a pure cotton or silklook casing filled with all natural Kapok, the premium pillow filler. The Zafu range is completely handmade by artisans of northern Thailand using only conventional sewing & stitching techniques.

There are 3 varieties of Zafu: Silklook Zafu Rayon artsilk fabric stuffed with all natural kapok.Daily Zafu which have a a heavy-duty washable Zafu and Zabuton cover. Made of wickedly durable 14oz. cotton canvas with sturdy zippers, they can handle intense use and repeated washings.

Premium Zafu – the exceptionally stylish Zafu wouldn’t be out of place in a high rise apartment in Manhattan.

The Premium fill inside the Zafu allows for a pliable and supportive surface to sit on, providing comfort and back support.

The thickness of our Zafu collection complement the size and weight of your body as it moulds.Kapok fibers that fill our Zafus are both hygenic and hypoallergenic - ideal for meditation and yoga enthusaists who have allergies. While you sit, it is required, that there is nothing that pull your mind away - so you have to feel comfortable.

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