Thai Pillows

Thai Pillows is a sourcing and logistics of Asian décor and fashion based in Chiang Mai Thailand.  With offices and warehouses in both Chiang Mai and Santa Fe, Mexico, Thai Pillows has expertise in sourcing pillows, cushions, bedding, meditation and yoga supplies, and other specialty artisan products in Thailand as well as the logistics regimen necessary to distribute the products on an international basis.

Our strengths:

  • Sourcing and design of Thai pillows, bedding, sleepwear, yoga and meditation supplies
  • Quality control and export regulation compliance in Thailand
  • International logistics and import handling in the U.S. and other Western countries
  • U.S. retail order fulfillment from our Santa Fe, NM warehouse
  • International order fulfillment directly from our Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Customer service and order handling for our toll-free call center

With on the spot buyers, we have direct access to the artisans and designers on a personal basis which allows us to stay on top of the latest products and style developments in the region. 

Quality-control is of paramount importance in all areas of commerce, but in the area of pillow manufacture, the maintenance of the construction and materials is important towards the importation of the pillows into the U.S. and other countries, since the filling (our pillows are stuffed with Kapok) is regulated by Customs and needs to adhere demonstrably to their standards to avoid importing delays and penalties.

Along with our live U.S. inventory in our Santa Fe warehouse, we maintain a toll-free call center to answer customer service inquiries and to take orders over the phone for customers who prefer this method to ordering online.

Triangle Pillows

Among our product line, our signature pillow is the renowned Thai triangle pillow.  In Thailand, these pillows are called Mon Thai (Thai pillow) or Mon Kwan (axe pillow). The shape has been perfected over generations. A model of versatile use and portable comfort, they are sometimes used on top of a low-profile table to create a makeshift couch, the pillow can be folded and stowed  when the table is needed for mealtimes. The folding pillows can be repositioned into a variety of configurations, each with a different support and tranquility profile. The triangles themselves offer firm back support for relaxing, reading, and watching television. While folded and not being used, they do double duty as attractive decor accents of unique color and texture.  Most travelers to Thailand will remember the triangle pillow for their journey, as it is such a distinctive icon of the country.

Asian Décor and Fashion

In addition to our staple lines of pillows and cushions, Thai Pillows is constantly working with designers to evolve an interesting and dynamic line of bedding, accents, and sleepwear.  Unique design and dependable, quality construction are the watch-words for our team of buyers and quality control managers.

Thai Pillows PO BOX 6460 Santa Fe NM 87502
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