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  1. Neck Bolster Silklook
    Neck Bolster Silklook
  2. Neck Bolster Batik
    Neck Bolster Batik
  3. Neck Bolster Cotton Linen
    Neck Bolster Cotton Linen
  4. Neck Bolster Royal Silklook
    Neck Bolster Royal Silklook
  5. Neck Bolster Thai Classic
    Neck Bolster Thai Classic
  6. Bolster Pillow 50 Thai Classic
    Bolster Pillow 50 Thai Classic
  7. Bolster Pillow 115 Thai Classic
    Bolster Pillow 115 Thai Classic
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Through the annals of history Bolster Pillows have been curing aches and pains, providing comfort and ensuring a good night’s sleep. Their eternal design allows for cold air to circulate through. Your bolster pillow will always be on the cool side.

Bolster Pillows originate from the Asia, dating back to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt where wives would fashion them from bamboo as gifts for their husbands. They offered support to necks, backs, knees and heavy hearts – keeping husbands company when they travelled.

In Korea a Bolster Pillow is still referred to as “Juk Buin”, which translates to “Bamboo wife”.

Bolster Pillows traditionally have been used in tropical climates, where blankets were unnecessary. One could hug a bolster pillow to help keep you cool in humid evenings; and take the bite out of chilly mornings when temperatures dropped.

Throughout Europe there wasn’t the need for a bolster pillow to keep you cool. Instead the Europeans used them as supportive accent pillows. Bolster Pillows were placed against the headboard with pillows placed on top. This arrangement allowed for the head and neck to lie in a more comfortable position.

In the North America, Bolster Pillows or Body Pillows are used in their traditional context and hugged while sleeping. This is advantageous because it ensures uniform support to your head, independent of your sleeping position.

The Bolster Pillow range comes in four colors and two sizes (19” and 45”) to accommodate both body pillows and standard supportive Bolster Pillows.

Our Bolster Pillow range is completely handmade by master craftsmen and stuffed with fully organic Kapok fiber.  Although the Bolster Pillow range is sourced in Thailand they are shipped promptly and affordably from our Santa Fe warehouse.


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