Wholesale Orders
Thai Pillows can handle a variety of sizes for wholesale orders.  However, due to shipping and logistics costs inherent in large volume items, we recommend orders of container size, whether domestic U.S. or International orders.  Unit counts per container would clearly vary subject to the sizes of the pillows in an order.  

An example 20’ container would contain an average of approx. 270 pre-boxed to 400 shrink-wrapped two fold-pillows.  In Thai Classic Fabric, the merchandise cost would be $15,675 for pre-boxed and $21,500 for shrink-wrapped units.  Clearly more pillows fit per container because of the nature and the shape of the pillow and its relation to the box, while the shrink-wrapped units are subject to more handling issues on the landed side.  Short of container order shipping, LCL (less than container) orders can be handled as shrink-wrapped pallets of product, as in the example container above, the product can either be boxed or shrink-wrapped individually.  Full container shipping typically runs  50%-65% of LCL shipping.  We’re happy to quote total price, shipping volumes, and shipping cost for any combinations of pillow shapes and sizes.


International Customers
Thai Pillows has experience in export and shipping to all continents.  Large non- North-American orders ship from our warehouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand, near the source of their manufacture.  Any inquiries for information or quotes to info@thaipillows.com will be answered by email promptly.  We can be reached by telephone at US 415 462-1445, toll-free  888 901-8550 and Thailand +66 53 285-266. Alternatively, if you email us a time and telephone number, we will call you anywhere in the world to discuss details. 


Wholesale Orders and Product Information
Thai Pillows is both a retailer and wholesaler of Thai triangle pillows, meditation cushions, zafus and zabutons, Thai mats, bolster pillows, and quality unique bedding. Our offices and warehouses in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Santa Fe, New Mexico allow us to service the U.S. domestically and most of the rest of the world efficiently.  With expertise in sourcing our cushions, pillows, and other specialty artisan products in Thailand, as well as the logistics regimen necessary to distribute the products on an international basis, here are some details on our products and wholesale policies.


Handmade Pillow Shells
All of our pillows, in all of their various shapes and sizes, are hand- pieced from cotton/poly blend fabrics.  Each of the distinctive patterns is made of durable material, yet untreated.  We recommend fabric treatment such as Scotchguard for extra durability and stain resistance.  Each seam is double stitched by hand.  Double-stitching increases the life of the pillow substantially, well worth the investment.


Kapok Filling
There are a variety of pillow battings available. Our pillows are filled with organic natual kapokKapok is a fiber extracted from the seed pod of the kapok tree.  The fiber is non toxic, odorless, resistant to rot, and generally non-allergic.  A pillow made with kapok filling has all the qualities of down (without the cruelty) while being more duable and allergy friendly.  It is eight times lighter than cotton and, thanks to its vacuum fibers, makes an extremely efficient thermal insulator. 

Kapok fiber is a silky, cotton-like substance that surrounds the seeds in the pods of the Ceiba tree, primarily found in Asia. These trees grow naturally in the wild making kapok a sustainable resource.  Kapok, being widely-produced and well-known commodity provides very few customs and tariff headaches, unlike some alternative materials such as down, synthetic, and buckwheat fillings.


Wholesale  Orders
Orders can be made by:

  • Call our toll free number: 1-(888) 901-8550
  • Fax Order to 415 276-5885
  • Mail order form including payment method to:
    Thai Pillows
    PO Box 6460
    Santa Fe NM 87502

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, money orders and checks. Checks must clear before we release shipment.


Guarantee and Returns
If within 5 days of receiving your product you are not completely satisfied, call us at (888) 901-8550 and we will issue a Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) number. You can then return the product to us (to our US warehouse) in the same condition we shipped it for store credit. Items shipped as store credit exchange items will be shipped at no cost to you. Custom-ordered merchandise is non-refundable.

We offer 100 % guarantees (that include shipping cost for replacement) for damaged or defective items. Please hold the original packing materials and damaged merchandise for inspection otherwise no claim, replacement, or refund can be honored. In the case where merchandise must be returned to us for inspections you will be charged for the replacement until the damaged product has been returned and inspected. It is your responsibility to get the damaged goods back to us. Please notify customer service at (800) 641-0137 within 48 hours after receipt that you have damaged goods. We will then give you the return shipping information and work through the return details

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